Eruvin 82 – עירובין פב

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara asks ‘How much is two-meals’ worth?” – wasn’t that already stipulated in the Mishna (i.e. each according to his own meal-size)?

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3 thoughts on “Eruvin 82 – עירובין פב

  1. I don’t think our Mishna was coming to say that everyone takes his personal Shiur. Every participant brings his own bread of two Seudos. The Gemara is telling us what this Shiur is.

    The truth is that even if the Mishna would be telling us that it is based on each individual we would still need a framework to get a perspective of the type of measurement we are looking for.

  2. The Mishnah says that The Eiruv Techumim works for whoever needs it for a party or a bais haAvel. The Gemarrah says (in the Hava Aminah )that they are Mitzvos. I thought that an Avel is not supposed to show Availus on Shabbos? No Shiva calls! Maybe the Gemarrah just means to cheer him up on Shabbos.

    • Hi Yaakov,

      That is correct in principle, however please have a look at Shabbos 12a (three lines from the bottom, and 12b ten lines from the top) although it is not allowed on a regular basis, but it is allowed if the person is in distress.

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