Eruvin 77 – עירובין עז

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara speaks about a jointly owned area (wall, trench) which is granted exclusively to one Chatzer.  How can one Chatzer rightfully acquire sole possession of a jointly owned area?

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3 thoughts on “Eruvin 77 – עירובין עז

  1. Why does the basin or any of the items used to lessen the Hight of the wall have to be 4×4 tefachim ? can’t it be just the width 4 Tefachim? Does the steps of the ladder also need to be 4 Tefachim wide and 4 Tefachim deep?

    • Good question.

      Rashi’s shita is that 4×4 is not necessary by anything (except by the the ziz/ledge). As long as extends 4 tefachim along the (length of the) wall it qualifies as a shiur pesach. Same with the ladder rungs. For tefachim wide is enough.

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