Eruvin 73 – עירובין עג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

According to Shmuel that the place of lodging is considered his residence, how does collection of food for the sake of Eruv create a joint residence, if it is not their place of lodging?

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One thought on “Eruvin 73 – עירובין עג

  1. Actually, Shmuel holds that the Eiruv is a form of rental. They use the food to rent to each other and form one Reshus.

    Besides, what the Gemara said about אנן סהדי, that the intention is clear, applies here, too. It is very clear that they are trying to join. That is why they set up an Eiruv. This is similar to putting down an Eiruv Techumin, where we see that he took the pains to set up an Eiruv and obviously that is where he is trying to set up camp. (There is a difference, though. Here we can’t say that they really would want to share their sleeping quarters.)

    Also, the discussion of what to look at is when they point in different directions, and we can’t tell which place is the main one. By an Eiruv, besides his original domain, he added the element of joining. Shmuel doesn’t disqualify the concept of food impacting the domains, it’s just that when faced with both, eating area and sleeping are, the sleeping area outweighs in significance. This is why a father and sons are considered one and don’t need an Eiruv when they are alone.

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