Eruvin 67 – עירובין סז

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

According to Rebbi Yochanan who holds that whem there is issur there is bittul, why could they not do bittul in the newly enclosed Reshus Harabim?

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One thought on “Eruvin 67 – עירובין סז

  1. Rashi says it the other way around. Rebbe Yochanan holds that when they could have been Me’arev they can be Mevatel, even when there is no Issur — as in the case of a Chatzer within a Chatzer.

    This is said although Rebbe Yochanan allows Bittul even when the Goy came on Shabbos, and this was considered a case where they couldn’t be Me’arev since, as Tosafos explained, yesterday’s Eiruv is now unusable. Rebbe Yochanan is satisfied with the fact that an Eiruv was possible. Possibly, Rebbe Yochanan doesn’t see the hindrance of making an Eiruv, by the fact that the Goy is here, as a situation that couldn’t have an Eiruv.

    Shmuel requires that the members of the Chatzer Assured on each other and were able to make an Eiruv, and Rebbe Yochanan required only that they were able to make an Eiruv. It makes sense to say that Shmuel, who required both, saw the Bittul only as the last step when the Chatzer is fertile ground for their Eiruv. Rebbe Yochanan only required that it is of the type of setup that allowed for an Eiruv.

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