Eruvin 64 – עירובין סד

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rava critiques Rav Nachman for expressing his like/dislike of certain halachos.  But don’t we find many times (Shavuos 45b etc.) where the Chachamim would praise a specific halacha, and at other times negate and dispute others?

“Ein ma’avirin al ha’ochlin” the Gemara seems to apply this to all foods.  Since the subject matter in the story was ‘Gluskin’ (bread/baked goods) perhaps this only applies to items such as those – which carry added significance (Hamotzie, food staple etc.)?

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2 thoughts on “Eruvin 64 – עירובין סד

  1. The issue here is that he wasn’t disputing the Halacha. Rather, he was saying that although it is the Halacha, it doesn’t sit well with him personally. We are supposed to accept Torah wholeheartedly. If something doesn’t agree with us we are supposed to ‘wrap our brain around it’ rather than the other way around.

  2. Since the issue of Ein ma’avirin is probably about Bal Tash’chis there is no reason to differentiate between foods based on how important they are.

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