Eruvin 53 – עירובין נג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Keitzad me’abrin – what is the significance to whether it is spelled with an ‘Alef’ (denoting limbs) or an ‘Ayin’ (expectant woman)?

Rebbi Yehoshua refrained from the salty beans, explaining that he had already eaten.  This (untruth) was permitted to avoid embarrassing his host.  But would she not realize (at some later point when consuming the beans) that he had simply avoided the salty dish?

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One thought on “Eruvin 53 – עירובין נג

  1. גמרא גמור זמורתא תהא? On the bottom of this Amud, we learn of the importance about remembering the exact language.

    To the second question, he could have figured that she probably tasted it and this is what she likes. Or, this was a hostel and not necessarily was she making the same supper for her family. But mainly, Halbanas Panim is when you are face to face. Although later on when she realizes what happened she might kick herself for messing up, she would have been grateful to him for saving the day and brushing it aside with an excuse.

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