Eruvin 51 – עירובין נא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

If Pas is preferred, then only an Ani can do an Eruv without bread.  But if Regel is preferred, then there are no restrictions regarding Pas – why?

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2 thoughts on “Eruvin 51 – עירובין נא

  1. The Kula of Ani means that we allow someone on the go to set up an Eiruv without bread. The Kula of using bread is that we don’t require one to go out. This is a favor for anyone.

    • In other words, when we made an exception for the Ani (someone on the go) it was like a Shaas Hadchak. Therefore, we apply the exception to the narrow range of those who have this problem. When we made things easier for the Ashir (someone at home) not to have to go out, this was not in the sense of a D’chak, only as an enactment to make things easier. There is no reason to narrow this favor.

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