Eruvin 36 – עירובין לו

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara states that the Eruv (‘Seudah’) needs to be suitable (edible) from daytime (‘Mib’od yom); why would it not suffice that it is suitable at the very moment of the Eruv’s activation, which is Bein Hashmashos?


3 thoughts on “Eruvin 36 – עירובין לו

  1. The Gemara says this as opposed to being permissible to eat at the true moment of nightfall. The whole Bein Hashmashos is a Safek and the Eiruv has to be there when night actually falls. Since nightfall might be in the beginning the EIruv must be set up then. However, the Takana is that even if the true nightfall is at the end, the food must be set up at the beginning.

    The difference would be in our case, where he declares that it should be Teruma at night. It can’t be eaten throughout the Bein Hashmashos because it might not be night yet. Although truthfully, assuming it is still day this shouldn’t be a problem, the Takana of Eiruv was that it must be set up at the beginning, and therefore this won’t work.

  2. Rav Hunah said that you need to have an Eiruv that’s edible and therefore if he put 2 loaves , one being Tahor and one Tamai, the Eiruv is not valid. In the Gemarrah before when there’s a safek when the trumah became tamei, According to R’ Yose the Eiruv is valid because you “Shtel” the trumah on Chazakah. Would then R’ Yose say this trumah would be fit to eat as well ? If so there’s no problem, but if yes, then this would against Rav Hunah.

    • Correct, the Teruma would be edible as long as it was tahor. We assume that it was tahor during bein hashmashos, and so yes, it could be eaten at that time. This is consistent with Rav Huna.

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