Eruvin 31 – עירובין לא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rebbi Yehuda’s allowance to place the Eruv on the grave is apparently in a case of Mitzvah, which is not considered a personal benefit.  If so why do the Rabanan not allow it?

2 thoughts on “Eruvin 31 – עירובין לא

  1. The Gemara says, according to Rav Yosef, that the Rabanan hold that a person wants it to remain there after Bein Hashmashos in case he wants to eat it. Therefore, he is having usage from the grave for his own benefit.

    • Sorry, the question was directed at the initial stage of the Gemara, where Rabbanan’s reason was simply because they (theoretically) hold that an Eruv can be for personal reasons as well.

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