Eruvin 26 – עירובין כו

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rebbi Ilaye mentions Arkabalin as being suitable for Maror on Pesach.  This plant is mentioned in Mishnayos Shevi’is and is listed (according to some Girsa’os) amongst plants which are not Ma’achal Adam (meant for human consumption).  Since the passuk states the word ‘Achila’ by Maror, how can one be Yotze the mitzvah of Maror with something not fit for eating?

One thought on “Eruvin 26 – עירובין כו

  1. While its common use is not for man it can be eaten by a human. We had this in Shabbos about Uzardin (I think), that although by default it is Maachal Beheima if you had in mind that it should be for a person then it is Maachal Adam.

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