Niddah 39 – נדה לט

The Rashash asks on the words of Tosfos – that a woman who does not have a vest kavua is permitted during the Yemei Ziva until she receivs a get – how does this concur with what is stated in Maseches Nedarim (20b) that a woman is forbidden if she is slated to receive a get?

One thought on “Niddah 39 – נדה לט

  1. The Gemara Nedarim is discussing a scenerio where they are contemplating divorce of thieir own initiation, therefore it would be improper to live together in the interim. In our case however, it was not initiated by the parties rather a decree imposed on them, therfore there is no impropriety. In addition, it may even be possible that she will yet establish a vest kavua and be spared the get.

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