3 thoughts on “Brachos 7 – ברכות ז

  1. there seems to be a contradiction in the gemara – at first the gemara says that the duration of hashem’s anger(rega) is one in 58888 ‘s of a moment, whereas later the gemara says that the duration of a moment is the duration of saying ‘rega’
    any thoughts on this?

    • Good point. Some commentaries explain this to indicate a dispute between both views in the Gemara, whereas others maintain there is no dispute just merely two descriptions of the same length of time.

  2. In the disputing about the third request of Moshe from Hashem (regarding understanding his way), Why you don’t take into account ר’ שמואל בר נחמני א”ר יונתן (in the diagram and in the conclusion) but only ר’ מאיר and ר’ יהושע בן קרחה?

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