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  1. Rabbi I just started watching your daf yomi. I may enjoying very much.
    My son had a question on a Mishna in the 5th perek of Avos. It says the … These things were created Erev Shabbos bein hashmashos…. Some say Sheidim and the Bartenura on the spot says these are Mazikim and that HaShem created them but without a body.
    So my son’s question was how could they make foot prints in the dust like the Gemara says on this Daf 6 in Brachos?

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your kind words – welcome aboard.

      Your son’s question is very impressive!

      Sheidim clearly have an element of a physical body as mentioned in Chagigah (16a) and Sanhedrin (109a) and evidenced in the famous story with Ashmedai. The Mishnah in Avos is referring specifically to Mazikin, which, according to the Bartenura’s explanation, were created without a body. However, although he refers to them as Sheidim, perhaps he means that Mazikin are loosely translated as Sheidim (since they are part of the Sheidm family) but are technically a different type, and these were indeed created without physical bodies. See the Gemara in Sanhedrin (ibid) which discusses various types of evil spirits i.e. Shedim (with bodies) Ruchin (without) and Lilin (without).

      All the best

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