Brachos 57 – ברכות נז

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara teaches that one recites the bracha upon sighting the lions’ den or furnace where a nes happened to tzaddikim; how does this concur with what we learned earlier (54a) that we are obligated to make a bracha only on a nes that occurred to the masses (nes rabim)?

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One thought on “Brachos 57 – ברכות נז

  1. Perhaps -since Daniel and Chananya Mishael and Azariah survived these trials, the Jews rallied and increased their adherence to Torah and Mitzvos. However, they may have thought that because of their newly acquired frumkeit they too could withstand these trials –although in truth, they could not. There was a component of nes rabbim in that the Bavlim did not extend such trials to a newly defiant and overly self confident hamon am–who would have been wiped out.

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