3 thoughts on “Brachos 56 – ברכות נו

  1. Perhaps he felt that being in the Beis Hamedrash (in the realm of tefillah and tzedakah, as well as Torah) would soften the blows that were not really from Bar Hedya but a gezeirah of the Ribono Shel Olam–as we repeated on Yom Kippur multiple times. Alternatively, he may have thought that the Bais Hamedrash was the least likely place to find people with clubs!

  2. Referring to the previous answer Sept 2012,we do find that something evil and “inevitable” destined to happen to a person,can be averted by a kind deed ,eg Tsadokah Tatsil Mimoves,as occured to Rabbi Akivahs daughter, and Shmuel the Amora who was with a friend, who was well versed in astrology foretold that a certain worker that walked past them,was destined to die,but survived due to the worker performing an extraordinary deed of kindness,to a fellow worker.
    So too ,as we have learnt earlier in this Mesichta,Torah protects those who study it,.

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