Brachos 59 – ברכות נט

The Gemara challenged the use of the words ‘rov hahodaos’ (Hahem of the majority of thankfulness) but instead one should say ‘kel hahodaos’ (of all thankfulness).  This led Rav Papa to conclude that indeed both terms should be combined together.  But why should one say ‘rov hahodaos’ if it seems to be inappropriate?

One thought on “Brachos 59 – ברכות נט

  1. The Shulchan Aruch (221: 2) has the halacha as kel rov ha’hodaos and the Mishnah Brura (SK 3) indicates that this implies “ribui hahodaos”, or as Artscroll explains “a multiplicity of thanksgivings”. The meaning of “rov” changes from “most” when in context with the word “kel” .

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