Brachos 39 – ברכות לט

The Gemara says that on Shabbos one is meant to make a bracha on two whole loafs since the passuk says ‘lechem mishne’ (a double bread) referring to the double portion of Man which fell on Erev Shabbos.  Since this event occurred on Friday why do we commemorate this on Shabbos?

2 thoughts on “Brachos 39 – ברכות לט

  1. The man fell on Erev Shabbos only because bnei Yisrael could not gather the portion for Shabbos on Shabbos. The 2nd half of the double portion is called by the Torah a mishmeres ad haboker ie the boker of shabbos. The first portion was for erev shabbos as it was every day, but the second portion was specifically lechovod Shabbos. Therefore we who have prepared the challah previously on erev shabbos (parallel to the appearance of the man on erev shabbos) are mechabed shabbos on shabbos itself.

  2. Since the double portion of Man that fell on Erev Shabbos was L’Chovod Shabbos, we commerate the Lechem Mishnah on Shabbos.

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