Brachos 28 – ברכות כח

Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai expressed to his students his uncertainty regarding “on which path they will take me – Gehinom or Gan Eden”.  However at the very end the Gemara relates that he exclaimed “prepare a chair for Chizkiyahu who has come to escort me” which apparently indicates he was on the way to Gan Eden!

2 thoughts on “Brachos 28 – ברכות כח

  1. In the artscroll notes note 19 they have brought down from the Maharsha
    He felt That even though he wont be totally destroyed he might pass by Gehinom for a limited time to purge any of his sins before he enters in Gan Eden

  2. Sdeh Tzofim brings down a Zohar PArshas Vayechi that when a person passes away reshus is given to him to see his relatives and friends tin the nexto world. If he is a tzaddik, they accompany him on his journey to Gan Eden. Presumable Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai experienced this in his last moments.

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