2 thoughts on “Yoma 16 – יומא טז

  1. Still, acc. to Rabbanan, the 19.5 gap plus the height of the Yesod should still block the view from the 20 amos external gate! [Assuming the Yesod was atleast .5 amos high.]

    • Good point to which Tosfos (somewhat) alludes to – the answer being as follows: Either way the Heichal was already six amah higher than the Azara (due to those twelve steps) in effect posing an obstruction (to the Kohen viewing from outside) for the first six amma starting from the Azara floor going upward. So you see that the first six amma of the Mizbeach have absolutely no effect on anything (since one peering through those six amma would simply be looking at the Heichal stairs). As long as you don’t rise higher than six from the Azara floor you haven’t added any additional obstruction. Only the full height of the Mizbeach (nine amma) can pose a concern since it would add three amma to the pre-existing six amma obstruction (Heichal steps) and that’s only according to Rebbi Yehuda who maimtains the Mizbeach was positioned in front of the Heichal.

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