Shabbos 69 – שבת סט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara proposes that perhaps a shogeg on the Korban of Shvu’ah would suffice even according to Rebbi Yochanan since it is a ‘Chiddush’.  Rashi earlier (D”H Lo shmah shgagah) explained the basis of Rebbi Yochanan is that the unawareness needs to relate to the transgression itself (not merely the Korban).  If so one may ask, why would the fact that the Korban in this case is a ‘Chiddush’ change this factor?

The Gemara speaks about a man travelling in the wilderness who lost track of days, and the ensuing confusion regarding Shabbos observance.  Why can’t he simply follow the halacha of ‘Rov’ (majority of days) and assume that today is a weekday?