Shabbos 157 – שבת קנז

Mazel Tov to all our mesaymim!!

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

It seems that according to the first version in the Gemara, when there is no Shabbos-benefit involved, the husband is not permitted to annul his wife’s neder, even if he will no longer have the ability to so after Shabbos.  Does this place us in a peculiar situation where  a wife can proceed to utter any neder on Shabbos in order to avoid her husband’s annulment?


4 thoughts on “Shabbos 157 – שבת קנז

  1. The same question as in the first version is brought in Meseches Nearim and the gemora asks from a braiso that the gemora later brings, and concludes that it’s a machlokes tana’im and depending on his time limit. Tosfos there says that we have the same shaila in meseches Shabbos. So it would seem that even according to the first version if you would not be able to to matir after shabbos it would be permitted.

    • Rashi actually only said his Pirush on the Tzad that he is Mefer Shelo Letzorech. Rashi didn’t explicitly explain that on the Tzad that he isn’t Mefer Shelo Letzorech it will have to stay. Perhaps Rashi left this purposely ambiguous and open to interpretation since you can learn that the Lishna Achrina is explaining the position of the first.

      The Lishna Achrina doesn’t leave room to think that anyone would say that he must be Mekayem the Neder against his will.

  2. Mazel tov !
    My Rebbi Rav Shimon Schwab told us how all these advances in technology were created to advance Torah learning. How amazing it is that this venue was started 6 years ago and how appropriate it is in the era of Covid, when so many shiurim were said using the latest technological venues. Many thanks again for your amazing shiurim.

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