Shabbos 92 – שבת צב

If one carries above ten tefachim he is chayav as the Leviim would carry in this manner.  Why is this different than the fact that the Leviim would also carry in Reshus Hayachid (the kerashim on the wagons) and it nevertheless doesn’t make that into a chiyuv for Shabbos?

One thought on “Shabbos 92 – שבת צב

  1. We know that carrying in a Reshus Hayachid is not a task, since you are not changing anything about the item. The concept of Hotzaa being a Melacha was introduced to us by a Pasuk. Henceforth, we look to the Mishkan for its application, but not blindly.

    But I must say this issue is a bit complicated, as we find Tosafos on 49b grappling with this.

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