One thought on “Shabbos 84 – שבת פד

  1. Tosafos writes on the bottom of the previous Amud that a boat is not considered moved because it’s the water that is moving.

    The Tana in our Mishna learns from the Pasuk that a boat is Tahor. Obviously, like the rest of the Perek, this is an Asmachta, especially since it is not a Pasuk from the Torah. Seemingly, the Tana holds that a boat is like Mechubar Lekarka — what a house is to the land, a boat is to the water. The Pasuk expresses this concept by referring to the boat as being Bilev Yam; it is part of, and Battul to, the sea.

    Although Rebbe Chananya doesn’t agree to this, he still does relate to the concept that a boat in water is not simply a cup in the hand. Although the boat is not like a house, the water is still compared to the land. If the boat moves in the water, that is part of the characteristics of the terrain on which it is found. It is not being moved across its landscape.

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