Shabbos 80 – שבת פ

According to Rabanan, even if the object is within three tefachim a minimal hanacha is required.  The Gemara concludes that having the item in one’s hand (which is in transit) is considered sufficient. Why is that regarded as hanacha (see 5b where Rava is unsure whether a nut placed in floating keli is regarded as at rest) ?

One thought on “Shabbos 80 – שבת פ

  1. There are different aspects to Hanacha. The item has to be considered at rest from its perspective, it has to be in a Makom Chashuv, and it must have fully arrived in the new Reshus. In fact, the first two conditions are to facilitate the last: an item can not be considered fully in the new domain until it is at rest and has found its place.

    Being in the hand rendereds the item at rest as far as it is concerned. Lavud to the ground renders it as if it has landed. Makom Chashuv is here regardless, either through the hand or through Lavud.

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