Shabbos 67 – שבת סז

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Abaye and Rava say anything that is a visible medicinal procedure is allowed, and is not considered ‘Darkei Emori’.  Rashi explains this needs to be something tangible, as opposed to simply a chant or recital.  According to this, why are the chants listed earlier in the Gemara permitted?


One thought on “Shabbos 67 – שבת סז

  1. As in the answer above, the list brought by the anonymous Tanna-teacher of baraisos is not all inclusive, nor is R. Chiya bar Huna’s 2 permissible chants fully inclusive. Tosefta Perakim 7 and 8 list many practices as well as personal statements that are or are not darkei Emori. Interestingly, Chasdei David on perek 7 baraisa 3 describes what sounds like vacht nacht (permissible) , and perek 8 baraisa 4 talks about tying a red bendel (machlokes if permissible).

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