Shabbos 55 – שבת נה

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Hashem said the tzaddikim of Yerushalayim are not to be held accountable since their reproof would not have been heeded to.  Why is this different than the typical case of reproof, where one who refrains from doing so is held accountable for the sins committed, although (from Hashem’s perspective) obviously the sin was going to happen in any case?

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7 thoughts on “Shabbos 55 – שבת נה

  1. We aren’t talking about knowing the future. Hashem is saying that, knowing their true desires, strengths, and seriousness, they will not listen. This is something that is possible for a human to know, too, as Tosafos points out.

    When you refrain from giving Tochacha, Hashem knows that had you given that Tochacha the person would have listened.

  2. I remember a gemara in berachas that says dovid did an aveira with batsheva. But I also remeber a gemara that says that whoever says that dovid did a chayt is amaking a mistake.

    • I can’t recall which Gemara in Brachos you may be referring to. There is one (4a) saying that Dovid was concerned about future chayt, also (7b) the tragedy with Avshalom (due to the fact that Dovid took an Eishes Yefas To’ar – see Sanhedrin 107a) here as well the Gemara implies that there was desire to do aveira (‘bikesh la’asos’) but in actuality there was no aveira. Perhaps the desire is regarded as a misdeed.

  3. So lemaskana did the tzadikim get saved? Did they put the tav on the tzadikim? Or hashem changed his mind and destroyed the tzadikim as well?
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    • We conclude that the tzaddikim were also punished. When the Gemara describes ‘Tav’ as ‘Tichye’ that means originaly – prior to the retraction of the gezeira tovah.

    • This difficulty is posed by several of the Mefarshim (Ramban, Ibe Ezra, Sefornu) who all explain that to some degree Aharon was responsible as well. For ex. the passuk instructs them both to speak to rock which wasn’t done.

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