Shabbos 45 – שבת מה

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

When discussing Rebbi Shimon’s opinion on Muktza, the Gemara begins by stating that he only applies Muktza to oil in a Shabbos lamp on account of its Mitzva designation.  Further down the Gemara states that he only applies Muktza to figs and grapes; are these two statements contradictory?

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7 thoughts on “Shabbos 45 – שבת מה

  1. Rashi explains that according to Rebbi Shimon there are two conditions to be met for an item to be Muktza. It must have been shunned from usage manually, and it must be unusable. When the Gemara below mentions drying figs and grapes it is saying that only with those two conditions will Rebbi Shimon agree that it will have the status of conventional Muktza.

    The earlier Gemara, saying that only oil of a candle is Muktza, is talking about where it doesn’t have the condition of being unusable. Therefore, it only has the status of this other type of Muktza, Muktza to its Mitzva.

    • It was actually only the Gemara in the initial ‘hava amina’ that suggested you need both reasons. However we conclude that certainly one reason is enough – the reason of muktza machmas mitzvah – as we see in the Braisa (of Sukkah on Chol Hamoed) that Rebbi Shimon considers it Muktza even though it is only machmmas mitzvah.

      Although the Gemara in the end also uses the words mitzvah and issur, Rashi however explains that it simply means that the designation for mitzvah lasts as long as the mitzvah itself – meaning since it is assur to be mevatel and terminate a mitzvah, for example to extinguish the Ner Shabbos which is burning (even without the issur of melacha on Shabbos).

    • Tosfos in the second answer is learning that the meaning of ‘she’as haskanah’ (21b) is specifically a time of shemad, when the goyim decreed against Ner Chnukah, thus one is meant to place the Menorah on his table to avoid appearing like a Ner Chanukah. However in our Gemara the concern was from the ‘Chaveirim’ who would confiscate any light they found. Although certainly a nuisance, this situation apparently does not qualify as a ‘she’as hasakanah’ and does not allow one to light inside.

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