One thought on “Shabbos 46 – שבת מו

  1. He was counting on using it or at least hoping to, even if he wasn’t sure anything would remain. By the Bechor, the Gemara was pointing out that the person would never count on it since that would be depending on the improbable circumstance of having people agree to come.

    — — —
    Tosafos on 44a says that the oil of a lamp is actually meant for the person’s enjoyment. The Ner Shabbos is all about creating a peaceful atmosphere and being able to see. Therefore, says Tosafos, he never put its usage out of his mind.

    Tosafos says this to differentiate between the Ner Shabbos, where the oil can be used after Shabbos (or even on Shabbos, according to Rebbi Shimon), and Ner Chanuka which must be burned and may never be used for your own benefit.

    We can ask, if so, what is the Kasha from Bechor if, as Tosafos said, oil of Ner Shabbos different because it is meant to be used?

    The answer must be that the differentiation that Tosafos made is only to explain why it is not considered Muktza forever after. But, as far as the oil being considered Muchan it doesn’t help to say that you are enjoying the benefit of the oil while it is Assur.

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