Shabbos 40 – שבת מ

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara tells us that one may discuss Torah in a bathhouse in order to prevent someone from transgressing an issur.  Although preventing an issur is admirable, why would it not be considered a ‘mitzva habaa baveira’ since the medium being used here is forbidden?

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7 thoughts on “Shabbos 40 – שבת מ

  1. there a problem taking meatballs with a sauce off the plata and spooning it out on cooked white rice–if u can briefly explain why also i would appreciate it

    2. u have one pot of matza balls that were warmed up b4 shabbos and are now sitting in a pot of water off of any heating element before shabbos. you also have a pot of chicken soup which u remove from the plata on shabbos night to serve. at what point can u put the matza balls into the bowel? before u lade out the soup ? after u ladle out the soup? remember the matzah balls are moist because they are sitting in a pot of water off the fire. also if u can provide a brief explanation to the answer

    • 1) There is no problem placing hot liquid on dry cooked rice, since there is no ‘bishul achar bishul’ (cooking after cooking) on a dry item.
      2) Assuming the moisture on the matza balls has already cooled off; they can be placed in the hot soup only once the soup has been ladled and is now in a kli sheini, which does not do bishul. However they cannot be placed in the pot of soup which is a kli rishon and will cook the moisture on the balls. Although the moisture has already been previously cooked, nevertheless we hold that there is ‘bishul achar bishul’ on liquid that has cooled off.

  2. It’s not that preventing someone from an Issur is precedes the Issur of talking Torah. That kind of talking is Muttar. It is not considered teaching or discussing Torah. You are merely telling the person not to do whatever it is that is the problem.

    • Due to a concern that one may actually heat the water on Shabbos itself – the Gemara (on 40a) elaborates on the chain of events which led to this gezeira; generally referred to as ‘Gezeiras Merchatzaos’
      Please note that this only applies to washing one’s entire (or majority of his) body.

  3. It says on daf Mem amud beis that even the man de’amar who held you can’t put jug of oil next to fire to heat up, a lady can smear oil on her hand and go near fire to warm up.
    How is she allowed to do that, aren’t you not allowed to smear (“Sicha”) on Shabbos?

    • Good point. Sicha on Shabbos is only assur if done for a refuah – this is discussed in the Mishna (111a), however ordinary Sicha is mutar as it is done for pleasure and comfort. Of course this pertains to only liquid substances like oil etc. whereas jells etc. are problematic due to the melacha of memachek (see Mishna 146a).

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