Shabbos 27 – שבת כז

The Gemara asks, according to Tana D’vei Rabi Yishmael why not include all materials for tzitzis from the passuk ‘asher techaseh bah’; but then how will we understand the fact that the Torah twice stated the words ‘wool and linen’ (by Negga) since there will be nothing that we are excluding?

One thought on “Shabbos 27 – שבת כז

  1. The two Mi’utim where for Negaim. The Tana D’bei Rebbe Yishmael told us to
    make a Binyan Av to other areas. According to Abaye and Rava this is
    referring to other areas of Tuma. According to Rav Papa and Rav Nachman,
    it does not apply to other areas of Tuma.

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