Shabbos 21 – שבת כא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Beis Shamai hold that the number of neiros of Chanukah correspond to the ‘Parei Hachag’ which decrease in number.  What is the correlation between the two things?

The Braisa concludes that they established Chanukah as days of ‘hallel and hodaah’ (praise and gratitude) why is there no mention of Mitzvas Ner Chanukah?

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4 thoughts on “Shabbos 21 – שבת כא

  1. Even If kafsah ein zokik loh. How can I light with bad oil? Isn’t there a chiyuv to have a shiur that will burn for a minimum of 30 minutes? So if ur lighting with bad oil, and the gemara takes for granted that this bad oil will definitely extinguish very shortly, so then its like I didn’t put enough oil at all? So how can I be yoitzeh?

    • Good point. The Beis Halevi addresses your point; he says that even non suitable oil has a reasonable chance of maintaining a lit flame which will remain lit for the proper length of time. The concern is that it may flicker or dim etc. which will entice him to adjust it (shema yateh). The chance that the flame will actually get extinguished is remote. The shita that holds kavsah ein zakuk luh apparently does not require that he ensures with certainty a continues flame, and therefore he also need not be concerned about the remote chance of it going out.

    • Yes indeed, it seems clear in Rash”i several times that the proper place to light is near the door of the house in the Chatzer (21b Rashi D”H mibachutz, and D”H v’m haya dar, also on 22a D”H mitzvah, and on 23a D”H chatzer sheyesh la). Tosfos makes it clear that the proper place is outside in the street.

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