Shabbos 21 – שבת כא

Beis Shamai hold that the number of neiros of Chanukah correspond to the ‘Parei Hachag’ which decrease in number.  What is the correlation between the two things?

The Braisa concludes that they established Chanukah as days of ‘halel and hodaah’ (praise and gratitude) why is there no mention of Mitzvas Ner Chanukah?


One thought on “Shabbos 21 – שבת כא

  1. For the first question, it is simply a place where we find that when we needed a certain number (70) we start with the bigger number. By Chanuka too, we want the number to change so we start with the bigger number.
    Also, the Parei Hachag corespond to a time when the world will return to its Owner. The Ness of Chanuka, which lasted for eight days, had this element as well, of an effect from beyond the nature. Therefore, just as the Parei Hachag slowly taper away from us, so should the lights of Chanuka.

    As to the second question, I think Rashi answers this by pointing out that it was not meant to be an actual Yom Tov, just a day of Hallel and Hodoa. The Braysa is not coming to tell us the Mitzvos Hayom, only the status of the day that was established.

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