Shabbos 20 – ‘שבת כ

The Mefarshim explain that the words of the Mishna “Bame madlikin” are in reference to the Mitzva of Ner Shabbos (see R”O Bartenura).  How is this indicative in these words, perhaps the Mishna is simply stating a halacha regarding any flame on Shabbos?

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  1. The Mishna opens with במה מדליקין , but nowhere in the following lines do we find any materials which MAY be used as wicks – we are only told what may NOT be used.
    However, had the it only said במה אין מדליקין, it could appear that there is no חיוב to be מדליק at all – and any voluntary lights must not use any of the prohibited materials.
    Hence by inserting במה מדליקין the message comes over clearly that there is a חיוב to be מדליק

  2. The Mishna is in fact referring to any candle. There is the problem that you might try to fix the flame, or that you won’t want to eat in that room. Therefore you may not utilize the light of the forbidden candles. Obviously, you aren’t Yotza Ner Shabbos, who’s purpose is to give light, when its light is useless.

    Also, according to the Tosafos Yeshanim on 21 if there is another candle around that is permitted you may enjoy the light of that room. That being the case, our Mishna is talking about one candle in the house. That must be the Ner Shabbos.

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