Shabbos 17 – שבת יז

The Gemara says the day (when Shamai prevailed over Hillel) was a difficult one just like the day of the Egel.  Since the Gemara relates that they took a head-count and ruled according to the majority present, which is in accordance with the Torah, why are the results negated?

2 thoughts on “Shabbos 17 – שבת יז

  1. I think that we mostly follow like hillel… and in this case there were simply more people who were from bait shamai and that is why the won… maybe they did not deserve it…

  2. I would comment that the difficulty was not that the headcount of
    shammai was greater (the headcount was by the students not shamma
    and hillel themselves) rather that their leader Hillel was sitting in front of
    shammai like a student, that was difficult for them.Maybe we can add ; the comparison to the eigel when the jews were leaderless too

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