Shabbos 16 – שבת טז

We learn in that water collected in a vessel is considered Mayim Sheuvin (which is invalid for a Mikva) provided that he had the intention of collecting this water in the keli.  Why is intent necessary here, if the water is in a keli why is it not automatically considered Mayim Sheuvin?


One thought on “Shabbos 16 – שבת טז

  1. the mefarshim in mikvaos discuss this at length. to leave a brief reply; the ra”sh learns that if the water would go directly from the vessel into the mikva it would make it pasul regardless of the intent of collection; however there is a way to ‘fix’ the water by letting it run on the ground. if the water has been collected with intent it cannot be ‘fixed’ in this manner.

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