Shabbos 155 – שבת קנה

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rashi seems to explain that the concern with force-feeding is on account of tircha (overexertion) on Shabbos (see D”H Ela).  Notwithstanding this concern, why wouldn’t over-feeding a camel (in anticipation of a journey) or calves (to fatten them) be assur on account of Hachana (preparing for the weekday)?

5 thoughts on “Shabbos 155 – שבת קנה

  1. Where do you find that the reason he is forcefeeding is for the way? The Gemara mentioned the other way around, since he wanted to forcefeed he took along a lot of food. My understanding is that you forcefeed an animal to make it fat, as we find in Bava Metzia by Seudas Shlomo Beshaato. Actually, a one time force feed probably won’t help the animal carry on longer.

    • Perhaps to make room for the Parsi mentioned on 94.

      In the Sugya of saving items from fire, you asked why we let him save food for shabbos from a fire on Yom Kippur. I said there that we allow him to save food, since all he is thinking about is saving the food, not as a preperation for the next day. Here too, He wants a bigger animal, perhaps because it can carry him further and longer, but his immediate intention is just to feed it and get it fat.

  2. Now I see that Rashi in Eiruvin 20b says explicitly that the reason for force feeding a camel is in case there won’t be food on the way.

  3. Why are some bundles doubled tied, and others trippled tie with twine? Are the smaller double tied for smaller animals, and tripple tied for feeding bigger animals?

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