Shabbos 154 – שבת קנד

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Why can’t one place cushions under the large pieces of glass (whose falling doesn’t result in significant loss) since he will shake them off, thus avoiding nullification of the kli (cushions)?

Spoiled honey is muktza, since it is only suitable for healing the animal’s wound.  It would appear from the Gemara (53b) that Refu’ah of an animal is permissible on Shabbos (see Rif). If so, why is the honey muktza if it suitable for use on Shabbos?

4 thoughts on “Shabbos 154 – שבת קנד

  1. some rishonim learn that even bitul kli for a short time is also prohibited only for more than this hefsed is permitted. some learn that it’s asur since you might carry a vessel through a public domain [ritva hachadashim]. some learn [see RAN] that his da’as is to keep it there all day but would it not be so it would be permitted.

  2. Tosafos on 43b, pointed to in the Masores Hashas, says that Rav Huna holds that an item may not be moved for the sake of a Muktza object.

  3. To the second question, we don’t really find that real medicine is Muttar. The Gezeira by a person goes very far, to include even going into water. By the animal we weren’t Gozer all this, but to say that we were even Mattir putting on medicine, we would have to find such an Halacha before assuming this to be the case.

    Also, being that honey, and especially old honey, is thick, it might be a Melacha of Memarech to smear it on.

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