Shabbos 153 – שבת קנג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

One may hand his pouch to a non-Jew despite the Rabbinic prohibition involved, but may not jointly carry with his friend due to the issur miderabanan – what is the difference between the two?

4 thoughts on “Shabbos 153 – שבת קנג

  1. Simply we can say that our mishna is a stam mishna which is Rebbi Meir who doesn’t exclude a melacha done by two at alll [92B]. In truth it seems that a melacha done by two is prohibited as if done by one only that a melacha done by two doesn’t bring a korban [it’s an exemption is the halochos of chatos], but in terms of melacha it’s the same [in the mishkan the aron was carried by more than one see tosfos 3A]/

    • The issue here is not the Ptur of Shnayim She’asua, rather doing with a friend what we allow to do with an animal. Rebbe Meir doesn’t argue on the first Mishna where each one did not do a Melacha. He argues when two did a whole Melacha together. As the Tosafos you are pointing to says, there are two different Derashos. One for doing a Melacha together and another for doing half of a Melacha.

      • I stand corrected. But it must be noted What you mentioned that rebbi meir agrees in the mishna can be questioned and i think that we can put it together with the other drasha as well. since that this that rashi says is drabanan may only be in our case that one is being oker and puting down only that on his own thats not considered a melavha since he is puting it on to a moving person and his friend is for sure not doing anything only being used but its some type of shnayim sheusu since im doing akira and hanacha while using someone else. Being so we could understand why the rabanan didnt permit it being that its part of a full transgression.

  2. We aren’t realy supposed to judge Gezeiros. They were Gozer as they saw fit. If we have an insight or understanding that is a bonus but it is not a Kasha when we don’t.

    In our case, we see that although they allowed certain rules to be broken they weren’t about to go all the way, as we see that they didn’t want to announce the Heter of going less then 4 Amos at a time. We saw this by the fire as well. They would allow certain things and be Gozer on others.

    Some Ussurei Derabanan are safegaurds to Issurim De’oraysa and other s stand on their own. By being Mattir Amira Le’akum he is not any closer to transgressing an Issur De’oraysa, but by allowing him to do a Melacha in a diferent way that happens to be Patur, he is dangerously close to the Issur De’oraysa.

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