Shabbos 151 – שבת קנא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

If the gentile transported an object from within the Techum, it is permissible.  Tosfos points out that this is allowed despite the fact that it was transported through a Reshus Harabim.  How is this compatible with the Mishna we learned earlier (122a) that one may not use water drawn by a gentile since it was transported from one Reshus to another?


2 thoughts on “Shabbos 151 – שבת קנא

  1. Tosafos doesn’t merely point this out, he asks why this is so. His answer is that Kedei Sheyaase doesn’t apply here since the accomplishment of bringing an object that was nearby is not a great accomplishment.

    This seems to be in line with Tosafos’ general theme of Hotzaa being a Melacha Gerua. Bringing something inside is not intuitvely seen as a task. Here too, by another Melacha we would say that we have the object thanks to the Melacha done by the non-Jew. By Hotzaa nothing of significance was given to us by this Melacha. Obviously, this shouldn’t apply on Shabbos — for then the Hotzaa is indeed a great barrier.

  2. Some rishonim [see RAN] that you do have to wait just that the time to come from a close place is so short that that time would elapse anyway until the funeral. Tosfos says [and rashi can be explained that way see loshon hazahav] that bringing it from a close place is not enough of a pleasure to prohibit the use of it even though a forbidden act was done.

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