Shabbos 146 – שבת קמו

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

We learn that only fashioning a two-way opening is prohibited min hatora, as opposed to a hole in a barrel meant simply to extract the liquid therein.  Why is this not considered a two-way opening; since in order for the liquid to exit, air needs to enter to displace the content?

4 thoughts on “Shabbos 146 – שבת קמו

  1. Unless you are a scientist you only have one thing in mind. Besides, a barrel already had small holes that were meant for sticking in a straw.

    • In fact, in our case in the Gemara we happen to be talking about adding to a hole, which means that it already has enough room for air.

  2. Chazon ish says if you have two openings one that air should come in so that it would be easier for liquid to leave and the other for going out, he’s liable because their both used, sometimes one sometimes the other (their not set- see foot note 27 in shmiras shabbos perek tes what Rav S”Z asked on this) . Rav Shlomo zalman asked that if air coming in so that it would be easier to go out is considered a machnis so than every hole of leaving is considered both [as in the posted question] and since it’s not so, we see that air coming in so that something should leave is not a hole for incoming [see shmiras shabbos perk tes 5-26]

    • That can be explained with what I wrote above. Usually, you don’t think about how it should work. You let the liquid take care of itself. However, when you make two holes you are clearly making a hole for air.

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