Shabbos 140 – שבת קמ

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rashi explains that one may drink the Chiltis beverage, since it is drunk by healthy people as well.  If so, why can’t one prepare it (by soaking)?

4 thoughts on “Shabbos 140 – שבת קמ

    • There seems to be some difficulty in interpreting that statement of Abaye. Some Mefarshim explain it to mean that you are not meant to prepare a medicine on Shabbos – but if this is also a commonly drunk beverage (as indicated in the allowance to drink it) why is preparing a problem?

    • Actually, Rashi in the Mishna does describe it as something drunk for healing purposes. It’s just that it is not Assur to drink since it is technically also a Maachal Bri’im. I guess we can think of it like prune juice which is usually drunk for a certain purpose, while it is not thought of as a medicine.

      The reason is as Abaye says. The difficulty is in understanding why this particular likeness to the weekday would bother us if it is an ordinary preparation of a drink. The explanation above would answer this, that there is something going on here that resembles a job being done.

      It can also be understood that it is more of a preparation than making a tea. Perhaps this is since the soaking takes time, which has the look of some process going on. From Abaye’s retort, likening it to soaking meat, it would seam like the problem is the latter one.

      • Indeed, the actual wording of Abaye seems closer to your explanation than the Refu’ah approach. However, in defense of the other approach, perhaps one would only exert himself in this preparation process if he had a medicinal need, although once prepared, one would drink it for thirst as well.

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