Shabbos 139 – שבת קלט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara says covering half the barrel with a rag is allowed, as long as it is does not fully cover – which would constitute an Ohel (Rashi).  Why is a partial covering not be an Ohel (assuming there is a tefach)?


2 thoughts on “Shabbos 139 – שבת קלט

  1. the rashba therefore learns like the RAVAD that has a different approach to the prohibition. but from the MEIRI it would seem that there is no actual ohel that’s being erected rather its the derech of an ohel. so for that we say that it has to be covered completely to be like an ohel, but a real ohel it’s not and that’s why it’s not prohibited just by a tefach.

    • Also, we never find an Issur of covering Keilim or even a hole in the ground, as the Ritva points out. The reason might be that when you cover it you view the whole Keli as one closed object. Additionally, it can be likened to the Mita Traskel, where you are merely restoring the lid to its proper place. By spreading a cloth for sifting it is not being put there for the Keli.

      Since this is not the conventional Issur of erecting a temporary Ohel, and it is perhaps a new Gezeira, we only apply it to when you cover the whole Keli.

      There can possibly be another explanation, that would also serve in conjunction with the first. Normally, an Ohel comes with walls around it, as we see in the Halacha of forming an Ohel Aray from the top down. Although this is not necessary for an Ohel to get its title, as we see in the case of the Kila, it does have to be in the form of a roof that can be held or surrounded by four sides. A utensil is not a likely area to receive an Ohel. The contents are contained by the walls and don’t look up for protection. But half of an utensil has the added shortcoming of not supplying walls.

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