Shabbos 136 – שבת קלו

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Raban Shimon B”G requires a thirty day wait to determine viability, based on the passuk by Bechor.  But how can we derive this from that passuk which requires waiting thirty days (for Pidyon Bechor) even by a confirmed full-term newborn?


One thought on “Shabbos 136 – שבת קלו

  1. The Braisa says That a calf that’s born on Yom Tov is allowed to be eaten on Yom tov. This would be a Kasha on Raban Gamliel. The Gemarrah answers that you know for sure that the animal was a viable animal because it was born after 9 months. But Raban Gamliel said earlier you have to wait 8 days to make sure it’s viable! The passuk says you wait till the 8th day for a korban, there is no halacha that permits this animal to be used earlier if you know that it’s full term. So how does this answer the Braisa?

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