Shabbos 136 – שבת קלו

Raban Shimon B”G requires a thirty day wait to determine viability, based on the passuk by Bechor.  But how can we derive this from that passuk which requires waiting thirty days (for Pidyon Bechor) even by a confirmed full-term newborn?

3 thoughts on “Shabbos 136 – שבת קלו

  1. Since RSBG is talking about any newborn only excluding one your sure is a nine month…(as explained by tosfos) so therefor the torah made the mitzvah on the 30th day for the ordinary child even though you mayhave a child which may be different

  2. the mahrit algazy understands rashi’s shita that the reason you must wait 30 days is because the torah wants that the way we should verify his confirmed living status should only be through waiting 30 days. so thats why we wait 30 days even by a confirmedd full born because the torah wants this verification of days. [and if redeemed earlier when 30 days arrive he will be redeemed from then]

  3. It’s a little Mashma in Rashi that the point is not that the Torah was afraid that the child would be a Nefel. There is no harm in doing a mock Pidyon, other than the Bracha Levatala — which wouldn’t be an issue if the Torah commanded it this way. The 30 day mark is based on the fact that then is when he is established as a living child.

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