Shabbos 118 – שבת קיח

Rav Yossi referred to dying on the way to doing a Mitzvah; how does this concur with what Chaza”l taught that ‘Sheluchei mitzvah einan nizokin’?

The Gemara mentions refraining from walking four amos bareheaded or without Tzitzis and Tefillin; why is this specific to the act walking of four amos?

One thought on “Shabbos 118 – שבת קיח

  1. Shluchei Mitzva Einan Nizakin is about getting hurt through doing the Mitzva. It doesn’t mean that the person can’t be hurt in a way that he could have been hurt just as easily without doing the Mitzva.

    When you walk in the world four Amos you are actively existing in it, as we find regarding walking four Amos in Eretz Yisroel. Therefore, when you sit in one place without a head covering or Tzitzis you aren’t actively disregarding it. However, when you go about four Amos without them you are going about your business and actively disregarding it.

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