Shabbos 116 – שבת קטז

The Gemara earlier established the minimum number of eighty five letters based on the parsha of ‘Vayehi Binso’a’, whereas here it seems to be dependent on a machlokes (Rebbi and Rebbi Shimon ben Gamliel) – is that halacha indeed agreed upon by all?


One thought on “Shabbos 116 – שבת קטז

  1. It is obvious that there must be a size smaller than a complete Sefer Torah that will still be considered a Sefer Torah. We have to look to find a small size that will be significant enough to be Kadosh when it stands alone.

    We can’t prove that Rabbi Shimon Be Gamliel agrees to this Shiur, but the Halacha is mentioned without dissent so we should assume it was an Halacha Mekubeles. Rashi gave us the reason that it is a Sefer, but Rabbi Shimon Ben Gamliel might agree to it since even according to him this Parsha is a mobile Parsha and it stands on its own. He might not call it a complete Sefer, but it is still the smallest size that we find having significance without its surroundings. We can take from there that this size is still appropriate enough to be treated as a Parsha, even without more context. This would make a Sefer Kadosh if it has a complete Parsha.

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