One thought on “Shabbos 110 – שבת קי

  1. That is nothing new. We find this is the early part of Maseches Brachos, as well. The Maharal explains that since the Mitzvos Derabanan are closer to our level the reaction is closer and faster, too.

    Shas is replete with Nasan Bo Einav Venasa Gal Shel Atzamos and similar events, while Kofrei Ha’ikkar rome unhindered. Hashem as time. He can even wait until after a person dies, or a whole generation. When the Kepeida is from a human there will be more noticeable effects.

    We also find that even for Kvod Shamayim, when a person is involved the wheels turn quicker. This is what happened when Achav remarked to Eliyahu Hanavi that although they worship idols it still rains. Then, Eliyahu Hanavi swore that it won’t rain.

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