Shabbos 105 – שבת קה

If one performs ‘Kriya’ on Shabbos he is yotze the mitzvah (derabanan) of Kriya.  Why is this not considered a ‘Mitzva haba’ah ba’veira’?

One thought on “Shabbos 105 – שבת קה

  1. Mitzva Habba Ba’aveira is usually when the product of the act is a Mitzva. Over here the product is that he mourned his Meis. This is a fact, an irreversable fact. There is nothing about a Kria to be Passul.

    On the other hand, Chanuka lights, for example, would be a Mitzva Habba Ba’aveira since the point is to have Ner Mitzva.

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