Shabbos 102 – שבת קב

Although carrying in one’s mouth is ‘shelo k’derech’ (out of ordinary) his intent normalizes it.  Why can’t we apply the same concept every time one performs a melacha ‘shelo k’derech’?

One thought on “Shabbos 102 – שבת קב

  1. Rabbeinu Chananel explains that the issue is not whether it is Kil’achar Yad. The issue is about it being in a place that is not 4×4. Even though Rashi doesn’t express this Pshat, we still understand that having something in the mouth which is meant to be eaten is not Kil’achar Yad. It is Mashma in Rashi that the fact that the person is trying to eat it, it accomplishes that it becomes a normal way to carry.

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