2 thoughts on “Rosh Hashanah 3 – ראש השנה ג

  1. according to the Ritva Daravish was Esther hamalcahs son. Did she have no imput into his chinuch that he is considered not jewish and so much so that he didnt have even a jewish heart ?

    • Hi Chaim,

      Regarding your question on Daryavesh:

      This view is shared by Tosfos as well (3b D”H Shnas) it seems that his father’s influence as well as his surroundings’, prevailed.

      Actually, some bring a proof from here to shitas Maharit Algazy (Bechoros 8,5) that even with a Jewish mother, his Jewishness depends on him being raised as one. It doesn’t seem that this is the accepted halacha.


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